As a Cloud Services Provider, you can modify the email notification settings of Commerce Portal events for your user account and the users in organization.

Modifying the Commerce Portal email notification settings can help you distribute and automate the flow of email notifications towards various recipients based on the following categories of events:
  • Contract
  • MBO
  • One-off order
  • Customer-related
  • Usage and site
  • Account
You can add multiple additional email recipients from your corporate domain for one or all event categories and choose to exclude yourself from the email notifications related to a given category.

With batch email notifications enabled, you can group the notifications of events for selected event categories and choose to send them at a specific interval in a single email.

How do I add additional recipients for email notifications

You can add additional recipients for the email notifications of events sent to your user account. When adding an additional recipient for a given event category, you can choose to exclude yourself from all notifications related to that category.


  1. On the Commerce Portal toolbar, expand the drop-down menu next to your user name and click Profile.
  2. Click Email Notifications.
  3. Click EDIT.
  4. Add different email recipients for different categories or add one recipient for all of the categories in the Contract text box and select Apply to all categories.
  5. (Optional) To no longer receive email notifications for a given category, select Exclude me from the recipient list.
  6. To confirm modifying your email notification settings, click SAVE.

How do I enable batch email notifications for my organization

You can enable the batch email notification settings for your organization to group the notifications for selected categories of events and send them at a desired interval.

Important: If the number of events in a given interval is exceptionally high and exceed a certain threshold, you may receive batched emails at a shorter interval than the one you configured.


Verify that you are logged in with an account that has the Administrator role assigned.


  1. On the Commerce Portal toolbar, expand the drop-down next to your user name and click Organization.
  2. Next to Email Notification Settings, click EDIT.
  3. Select the check box of the categories of events that you want to batch.
    Note: Only the events of the selected categories will be batched and sent together at an interval. Email notifications for unselected categories of events remain unaffected and will be sent individually at the time of the events.
  4. For each category, enter the interval at which you want batched notifications to be sent.
  5. Click SAVE.