If you require additional licenses for software products on top of the ones given to you as part of the initial contract, you can request one-off orders.

One-off order requests for additional software licenses are subject to approval from VMware. For your request to be approved, you must be in a good standing without any delinquent reports against the contract for which you are requesting the one-off order.


Verify that you are logged in with an account that has the Operations role assigned.


  1. On the Commerce Portal toolbar, click Contracts.
  2. Click the rental contract number for which you want to request a one-off order.
    You are redirected to that contract's details page.
  3. On the toolbar, select One-Off Orders.
  4. Click New Order.
    Requesting a new one-off order from the details page of a Contract.
  5. Enter a description for the one-off order, select the product and license quantity, and click Ok.


The one-off order request appears in the list of orders with its status. Click the arrow button next to the order number to expand the order details.

Viewing the details of a one-off order in the list of orders.

You receive an email when the status of the order changes.