You view your monthly billing orders (MBOs) in the Monthly Reporting menu.


There might be a discrepancy in the month in which certain usage is displayed in VMware Cloud Partner Navigator and the month in which the same usage is charged in a monthly billing order (MBO) in Commerce Portal. The reason is that MBOs in Commerce Portal might include usage in arrears and non-host usage of the previous 90 days which reached the billing system with a delay. While VMware Cloud Partner Navigator populates missing usage of the past 90 days on the month it actually occurred, Commerce Portal charges the same usage on the next possible MBO. For all billing purposes, refer to the data in Commerce Portal.


Verify that you are logged in with an account that has the Operations role assigned.


  1. On the Commerce Portal toolbar, click Monthly Reporting.
    Viewing the Monthly Reporting menu and Monthly Billing Orders table as a Cloud Services Provider.
  2. (Optional) Filter displayed MBOs using the filter buttons located inside the Monthly Billing Orders table's column headers.
  3. (Optional) To download your MBO information as a CSV file, click Download above the Monthly Billing Orders table.

    If you applied filtering to the table, the CSV file contains only the filtered results.

  4. To get more details about a specific MBO, click its MBO number.


You are redirected to the details page of that MBO where you see a summary of the reported usage.

Viewing the details page of a monthly billing order (MBO) in the Monthly Reporting menu.

If an MBO is pending your action, you can click the Go To Inbox button next to the MBO status to go to your task inbox and submit the report.

For MBOs of Velo and MSP contracts, you can see a breakdown of the report sorted by end user or product, in the Usage View tab of the report. To sort by a different category, expand the Group by drop-down menu and select one. You can also apply filtering to the displayed usage data by selecting a general filter from the Filter by drop-down menu or selecting separate filters in the column headers of the tables.

Viewing the Usage View tab of a Velo contract MBO.

In the Auto Reported Data tab, you can view a history of all usage data reported automatically by Usage Meter instances.

The History tab displays the history of actions performed on this MBO by users and the Commerce Portal system.

The following table lists all MBO status descriptions.



Pending SP

The MBO is awaiting your submission. To submit it, go to the details page of the MBO and click Go To Inbox or access your inbox directly and select the MBO from there.

Pending Aggregator

The MBO was sent to your Aggregator and is pending their approval.

Pending Vendor

The MBO has been submitted to VMware for processing and is currently being processed.

Pending Adjustment

The MBO adjustment request is currently being processed.


You have not reported the MBO before the first due date and it is now considered overdue.


You have not reported the MBO before the second due date and it is now considered delinquent.


The MBO is closed.

What to do next

  • In the Monthly Billing Orders table, click a contract number to see the contract for which an MBO is spooled.

  • Submit your pending MBOs from your inbox.