VMware Cloud Provider Hub™ is a central point for VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) Service Provider partners to offer managed VMware Cloud services to their end users.

VMware Cloud Provider Hub 2.0 supersedes Managed Service Platform 1.x which is now deprecated.

Cloud Provider Hub offers multi-cloud services and life-cycle controls, allowing Service Providers to purchase, provision, and manage VMware Cloud services to end customer tenant organizations.

You onboard to VMware Cloud Provider Hub as a service provider administrator or a tenant administrator and use the portal from the context of a service provider or tenant organization.

A Service Provider is a VMware partner who purchases VMware Cloud services and provisions them to end customers. As a Service Provider, you create tenant organizations for your customers, provision services to their tenant organizations, and manage the service access of tenant organizations. You own the relationship with your tenants and are in full responsibility for managing their service life cycle and their monthly billing.

A tenant is an end user that enters a relationship with a Service Provider and purchases services directly from the Service Provider. As a tenant, you use VMware Cloud Provider Hub as your central point of access, purchasing, billing, and support for services provisioned to you.

VMware Cloud Provider Hub allows you to use VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud, VMware Cloud Marketplace, and VMware vRealize Automation Cloud with the option to extend your service offerings to the marketplace services.

You can also provision CloudHealth by VMware but all management is done from the CloudHealth Partner Platform.