VMware Cloud Provider Hub connects with VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal to allow Service Provider partners to onboard the service with a provider organization and start provisioning VMware Cloud services to their customer tenant organizations.

As a Service Provider, you create tenant organizations for your customers, provision VMware Cloud services to their organizations, and manage their level of access to provisioned services.

You and your tenants use the management functionalities offered in Cloud Provider Hub to manage the user base in your provider or tenant organizations and to maintain the lifecycle of the provisioned VMware Cloud services.

The following diagram is an overview of the services that are part of the Cloud Provider Hub environment.

  • VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal - As a Service Provider that is part of the VMware Cloud Provider Program, you set up commit contracts for supported services with an Aggregator in VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal. Once a commit contract for a service is set up and active, the service becomes available for provisioning in Cloud Provider Hub.

    You set up a new commit contract for every additional VMware Cloud service you want to provision.

  • VMware Cloud Provider Hub - The single point of access and management for Service Providers and tenants. Depending on your role, you log in from the context of a provider organization or a tenant organization with different management capabilities.
  • VMware Cloud services - The pool of VMware Cloud services supported in Cloud Provider Hub for which you can sign a commit contract and provision for your tenants:
    • VMware Cloud on AWS
    • VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud
    • VMware Cloud Marketplace
    • VMware vRealize Automation Cloud

How Service Providers use Cloud Provider Hub

As a Service Provider, you use Cloud Provider Hub to:
  • Onboard tenants and provision services for them.
  • Manage the lifecycle of services.
  • Manage user access and tenant access to specific services.
  • View the service usage of your tenants.
  • Impersonate as a tenant and manage their services and user access.
  • Create support requests and view all logged tickets on behalf of your tenants.

How tenants use Cloud Provider Hub

As a tenant, you use Cloud Provider Hub to:
  • Consume the services provisioned to you.
  • Manage your tenant organization's users and their roles.
  • View your service usage accumulated for a given time period.