As a Service Provider, VMware Cloud Provider Hub is your central point for provisioning and managing VMware Cloud services for your customer tenant organizations. On top of managing service access, you also use Cloud Provider Hub to manage the billing and support for your tenants.

You access Cloud Provider Hub once you have onboarded your master organization. Then you have at your disposal all supported VMware Cloud services for which you have signed commit contracts in the VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal. You sign a commit contract for every cloud service in your organization.

For each customer of yours, you create a tenant organization, provision VMware Cloud services to their organization, and assign role-based access to each provisioned service. Since VMware Cloud services exist within an organization, you can impose varying degrees of access to these services per tenant organization.

To provision and manage VMware Cloud services for your tenants, you impersonate as a tenant and access their tenant organizations. When you select a specific tenant organization and choose to manage services for that tenant, you are redirected to the tenant portal of that organization. There you have various tenant management capabilities.

In Cloud Provider Hub, you also view the billing information for your master organization usage and the billing invoices for tenant organizations that you manage.

As a Service Provider, you are the first line of support for tenant organizations that you manage. Through the Support Center, you can either search for a resolution in the VMware documentation center or create a support request on behalf of your tenants.