You configure a HTTPS request to deploy a new VMware Cloud Director node to an existing VMware Cloud Director environment.


  • In your Web browser, start Postman and configure the following HTTPS request.
    1. On the Headers tab, add the JSESSION ID.
      Setting Value
      JSESSIONID vcp-lcm-session-id
    1. To add new product node, configure the following HTTPS request.
      Setting Value
      HTTPS request method POST
      URL https://vcp-lcm-ip-address:port-number/api/api_version/lcm/environment/vcd-environment-id/product/vcd-product-id/node
          "hostName": "{{vcd_cell_number_name}}.{{domainName}}",
          "vmName": "{{vcd_cell_number_name}}",
          "rootPassword": "{{password}}",
          "gateway": "{{vcd_mgmt_nw_gateway}}",
          "nics": [
                  "ipAddress": "{{vcd_cell_number_ip}}",
                  "networkName": "vcd-dmz-nw",
                  "staticRoutes": []
              }, {
                  "ipAddress": "{{vcd_cell_number_mgmt_ip}}",
                  "networkName": "vcd-mgmt-nw",
                  "staticRoutes": []