VMware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager is delivered as a Docker image. To run VMware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager, you can configure a host running Photon OS on which you start the docker service and run the docker image.

To configure the host environment, in vCenter Server, create a new virtual machine running Photon OS 3 Base. For information about installing Photon OS, see Downloading Photon OS.

Configure the network on the Photon OS virtual machine. For information, see Managing the Network Configuration. To configure a static IP, see Setting a static IP Address. To configure DNS, see Adding a DNS Server.

After configuring the host environment, you must store the product OVA files in a specific file structure on VMware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager. You can either create a new repository directory on the VMware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager Photon OS virtual machine or mount an existing pre-configured repository directory.

Upload the product binaries to the respective reporistory directories.