You configure an HTTPS request to redeploy a VMware Cloud Director node to an existing VMware Cloud Director environment.


  1. In your Web browser, start Postman.
  2. On the Headers tab, add the JSESSION ID.
    Setting Value
    JSESSIONID vcp-lcm-session-id
  3. Configure the following HTTPS request.
    Setting Value
    HTTPS request method PUT
    URL https://vcp-lcm-ip-address:port-number/api/api_version/lcm/environment/vcd-environment-id/product/vcd-product-id/node/vcd-node-number
        "hostName": "{{vcd_cell_vcd-cell-number_name}}.{{domainName}}",
        "vmName": "vcd_cell_3_name",
        "rootPassword": "{{password}}",
        "gateway": "{{vcd_mgmt_nw_gateway}}",
        "nics": [
                "ipAddress": "{{vcd_cell_3_ip}}",
                "networkName": "vcd-dmz-nw",
                "staticRoutes": []
            }, {
                "ipAddress": "{{vcd_cell_3_mgmt_ip}}",
                "networkName": "vcd-mgmt-nw",
                "staticRoutes": []