You can use the UI to download a support bundle for diagnostic and debugging purposes.

The support bundle file is in zip format.


  • If you log in as an imported user, verify that you have the CREATE_SUPPORT_BUNDLE permission.
  • Verify that VMware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager can connect to


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Administration.
  2. Click the Troubleshooting tab.
  3. To download the support bundle, click Download Support Bundle.
    The Download Support Bundle dialog bog opens.
  4. (Optional) To download the support bundle with all stored data about the registered data center components, environments, and tasks, in the Download Support Bundle dialog box, turn on the toggle.
    If you turn on the toggle, the support bundle downloads and discloses details about the local deployments. Sensitive data, such as passwords, is not disclosed in the support bundle file.
  5. Click Download Support Bundle.
  6. Examine the support bundle files.