The VCPS architecture is based on the VMware Validated Design (VVD) for Consolidated Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).

However, there are many differences and exceptions between the architecture and design for VVD for Consolidated SDDC and the VCPS design. The differences in design are discussed in the respective sections.

You must also note the following exceptions:
  • In this release of the Single Workload Domain SDDC design, there is a strong focus on the physical layer and the Virtual Infrastructure layer.
  • Service Management and Cloud Management is not covered in this design.

Special Annotations: Use existing third-party solutions to provide backup and restore capabilities using the framework provided by VMware. See the Business Continuity Architecture for Consoildated SDDC and the Data Protection and Backup Architecture for Consolidated SDDC for information and guidelines that apply to the VCPS solution as well.

The VVD architecture and design guide is available at