The following sections describe the HCX APIs that you can use to perform various HCX Cloud operations.

See the VMware HCX User Guide for detailed information about HCX.

The following table lists the supported HCX operations that you can perform with the HCX APIs. You must have logged in and created a session before you can use the APIs.

Table 1. HCX APIs
Task Method URL
Modify a HCX Cloud Specification PUT https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc
Deploy a HCX Enterprise PUT https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc/hcx/enterprise/deploy
Create a HCX Service Mesh POST https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc/hcx/servicemesh
Delete a HCX Service Mesh DELETE https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/sddc/hcx/servicemesh