VMware owns and operates Stage-1 and the execution occurs in a sandbox in the Cloud Provider environment. The Stage-1 process includes testing and validation of the SDDC bits using the Mega-POP and Orchestrator VMs and the LCM operations. This process is common across all Cloud Providers.

As a Cloud Provider, you must provide VMware with the required configuration and environment for Stage-1 testing and validation. The following considerations and workflow are applicable to Stage-1:
  • Stage-1 includes a set of SDDC automation workflows and a set of SDDC reference design and functional test validations and workflows. The SDDC release and factory lifecycle automation workflows are tested on the target cloud servers.
  • New releases are staged on the S3 servers and downloaded to the Stage-1 repository as part of an acceptance run.
  • Every LCM workflow is implemented as a unique Jenkins pipeline.
  • A successful completion of Stage-1 kicks off Stage-2.

The following diagram shows the Stage-1 workflow: