After you have committed to participate in the VCPS delivery and acceptance process, you must be aware of the two stages of testing and validation, Stage-1 and Stage-2.

VMware owns and operates Stage-1. This stage automates the testing and validation of the SDDC instance using the new SDDC release including upgrade testing on the provider's cloud servers. A successful run through Stage-1 triggers Stage-2. The new binaries are copied from Stage-1 to the Stage-2 repository, and you can access the SDDC bits directly from the repository.

You own and operate the Stage-2 testing and validation. As a Cloud Provider, you must go through your own specific set of test cases and validation to test and accept the new binaries with any specific SDDC extensions and key third-party services that you may have included. You can modify the Stage-2 workflows to meet your specific requirements.

  • If you have multiple server profiles, you must run and test the VCPS bits against all the profiles.
  • If a VCPS release fails in the sandbox testing in Stage-2, the bits cannot go into production.

The Stage-1 and Stage-2 SDDC lifecycle management workflows, validation, and functional test suites are orchestrated using a Jenkins server.

After the testing and validation is completed on both the stages, you must copy the new release binaries (or bits) to the Golden Repository.