The delivery pipeline refers to the entire VCPS process wherein the end goal is to generate and validate a golden bundle (VCPS SDDC bits that are ready for deployment to your customer) on the hardware that is provided by you.

There are primarily two stages of testing and validation, Stage-1 and Stage-2.

Stage-1 is completely owned by VMware and Stage-2 is owned by you.

  1. Stage-1 automates the testing and validation of the SDDC instance using the new SDDC release including upgrade testing on the provider's cloud servers. A successful run through Stage-1 triggers Stage-2.
  2. The Stage-2 operation is triggered by VMware when Stage-1 completes its acceptance run. The new binaries are copied from Stage-1 to the Stage-2 repository, and you can access the SDDC bits directly from the repository.
  3. After both the stages of SDDC testing and validation is complete, you must push the bits to the Golden Repo, a repository provided and maintained by you.

The following diagram shows the workflow that is required to complete the stages of testing and validation by VMware and you.