The VMware Cloud Provider Stack (VCPS) solution is a new service delivery offering by VMware under the Metal-as-aService (MaaS) program. VCPS enables Cloud Providers (CPs) an opportunity to offer their customers a subscription-based VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution on a bare-metal elastic infrastructure service.

While this service is similar to VMware Cloud on AWS, the key difference is that services are owned and operated by the individual Cloud Providers. You will use the VCPS bundle that includes the necessary SDDC product components (vSphere, vSAN, NSX-T), and Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) to deploy an SDDC and manage its lifecycle.

You must meet key requirements and agree to participate in the fully automated SDDC software delivery and acceptance process. Once you have qualified, the MaaS program offers a set of entitlements and benefits.

Meet the following general requirements:
  • Offer the SDDC-as-a-service on an elastic, self-service enabled, bare-metal-as-a-service.
  • Offer a fully managed VMware service. The key features of a fully-managed service are the following:
    • Offer SDDC-as-a-service directly or through a managed services partner.
    • Support full SDDC lifecycle automation.
    • Your customer/tenant will not have access to ESX hosts but has restricted access to SDDC components.
  • Use VCPS for the service and participate in the automated SDDC binary delivery and acceptance process.
  • Offer L1 & L2 support to the end customer and allow/enable VMware to offer L3 support to the Cloud Provider.
  • Agree to not proactively to pursue a mass customer migration campaign.
  • Also, note the following points:
    • VMware will formally certify the Cloud Provider's SDDC-as-a-service implementation before the initial launch.
    • VMware will also validate and test the implementation regularly after deployment.