The Stage-2 testing and validation is owned by you, the Cloud Provider. VMware triggers the Stage-2 operation and invokes the Stage-2 init pipeline when Stage-1 completes its acceptance run .

The following considerations and workflow are applicable to Stage-2:

  • You must set up the Stage-2 init pipeline and manage its lifecycle in your own source control systems. You can create the pipelines and binaries to extend or replace any VMware pipelines. The init pipeline must perform the following actions:
    • Copy the Stage-1 repository contents to the Stage-2 repository.
    • Copy the custom provider-specific extensions to the Stage-2 repository.
    • Load the Jenkins pipeline definitions provided by VMware.
    • Load any custom, provider-specific Jenkins pipelines definitions. These pipelines can potentially overwrite the VMware provided pipelines.
    • Trigger the MO which can be the provider-modified MO.

The following diagram shows the Stage-2 workflow: