You must provide the following host service APIs for VMware to complete the Stage-1 testing and validation.

The following APIs are required:
  • Get all hosts - Return a list of all hosts that are available for Stage-1 testing and validation, along with their JSON specification files.
  • Get a host - Return information about a specific host identified by the hostID.
  • Image a host - Format a host and install a specific ESXi version on that host.
  • Get a data center - Return information about a specific SDDC such as SDDC ID, location, licenses, and so on.
  • Get all data centers - Return an array of all available SDDCs in a given environment, along with information about each SDDC.
  • Reserve a host - Reserve a host to ensure that it is not consumed by any other process.
  • Release a host - Release the host to the pool when the host is no longer being used.
  • Get status - Get the status of a job being executed.

See the Host Service APIs for VMware Cloud Provider Stack guide for detailed information about the required host service APIs.