You must provide host service APIs to VMware for use in Stage-1 testing and validation.

The host service APIs must be implemented as REST APIs and the standard REST API rules and syntax apply.

You must implement and provide the following host service APIs:

  • Get all hosts - Return a list of all hosts that are available for Stage-1 testing and validation, along with their JSON specification files.
  • Get a host - Return information about a specific host identified by the hostID.
  • Image a host - Format a host and install a specific ESXi version on that host.
  • Get a data center - Return information about a specific SDDC such as SDDC ID, location, licenses, and so on.
  • Get all data centers - Return an array of all available SDDCs in a given environment, along with information about each SDDC.
  • Reserve a host - Reserve a host to ensure that it is not consumed by any other process.
  • Release a host - Release the host to the pool when the host is no longer being used.
  • Get status - Get the status of a job being executed.