When this API is called, the API must release the host to the pool for future use and update the appropriate tag to indicate that the host is now available.

The host might be released after the testing of a host has been completed and it is not required anymore. Or if the host was reserved for some time, and needs to released back to the pool after imaging, for example, then this API will be called.

The host ID of the host will be sent in the body of the request.


The following POST request will be sent to the server with the host ID in the body of the email.
POST 'Content-Type: application/json' https://{{server_ip}}:9443/api/v1/release_host/
    "hostId": "c27f33ac-8507-46ab-bb8d-43d80dac3f6b"


A successful call will release the host to the pool and make it available for future use, and the isReserved tag must be set to false.