VMware Cloud Web Security™ is a cloud hosted service that protects users and infrastructure accessing SaaS and Internet applications from a changing landscape of internal and external threats, offers visibility and control, and ensures compliance.

VMware Cloud Web Security (CWS) is delivered through a global network of VMware SASE™ Points-of-Presence (PoP) to ensure that users located anywhere and connecting over any device have a secure, consistent, and optimal access to applications. Cloud Web Security simplifies management of security services and helps IT tighten the security posture while balancing user productivity.

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Cloud Web Security provides IT teams the visibility and control they need to maintain a strong security posture while adhering to compliance needs with the following advantages:

  • Agile Security Posture - As a cloud hosted service any threat detected anywhere by Cloud Web Security is immediately blocked for all customers taking advantage of the cloud-native properties.
  • Secure Seamless Access for Anywhere Workforce - Leveraging a global network of VMware SASE PoP, Cloud Web Security delivers secure and optimal access to users for Internet and SaaS applications
  • Simplified Operations - Cloud Web Security uses a centralized management pane using the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator for network services and security services simplifying deployment and operations of a distributed workplace.
  • Reducing Operational Cost - Cloud Web Security offers cost savings from managing the life cycle and refresh cycle of physical or virtual appliances deployed on-premises.

Cloud Web Security is offered through the global network of VMware SASE PoP that are delivered as a managed service or on a DIY basis and used by 150+ telecommunication partners and thousands of Value Added Resellers globally.