The public cloud offers a wealth of options for redesigning your applications. The public cloud providers offer a variety of managed services that can be used with your applications. These managed services come at a cost but can reduce the amount of time operators spend on maintaining systems. The managed services come in a variety of types such as managed SQL or NoSQL databases, event busses, Internet of Things (IoT), content delivery, AI/ML services and many more.

VMware Clouds are paired with public cloud infrastructure allowing application architects to choose which services should be utilized as part of an application. For example, instead of needing to provide a virtual machine with a database installed within it, application architects can pick a database service provided by a public cloud provider, negating the need for in-house maintenance tasks such as backups and patching.

VMware Clouds

Adjacent cloud services can be an extremely effective option for VMware Cloud customers. Each VMware cloud can be thought of as having specific capabilities depending on which public cloud it is paired with. These capabilities can be used in your planning process to identify which landing zones will be the right fit for your modern applications.

In the example below, there is a typical two-tier application running in virtual machines. This application could be moved to a VMware based cloud and the database virtual machine can be replaced with a public cloud database service.

Before and ater modernization - Moving a database to the cloud.

To look at a similar example, the database virtual machine could remain in your VMware based cloud, while the application virtual machine can be replaced by an autoscaling group of virtual machines, providing better horizontal scaling characteristics.

Before and ater modernization - Moving application VMs to the cloud.