By moving workloads to a VMware Cloud on AWS Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), organizations can reduce the net environmental impact of data centers without making a dedicated investment for sustainability and carbon reduction.

VMware and AWS take on this responsibility by continuously working to make data centers more energy efficient. VMware implements sustainable practices to develop and support the VMware Software-Defined Data Center, such as using 100% renewable energy and supporting low-carbon sustainable development projects. AWS is also committed to sustainability in the cloud as they continue their path to powering their operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025. AWS is continuously making their data centers more energy-efficient with initiatives such as developing efficient water-use strategy and accelerating sustainability research and innovation.

Not only are the data centers supporting VMware Cloud on AWS energy efficient, but they also provide flexibility in VMware Cloud infrastructure. Organizations can scale their VMware Cloud on AWS environment up and down as necessary to meet the fluctuating workload demands and availability requirements. This can be automated as well by leveraging Elastic Distributed Resource Scheduler (EDRS). EDRS monitors cluster resource utilization and automatically scales a cluster to allow for randomness in the cluster utilization while maintaining desired CPU, memory, and storage performance. By using VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure, organizations are supporting environmental sustainability and carbon reduction by eliminating waste of resources in data centers.

In addition to eliminating actual physical resources waste, organizations can further reduce waste by monitoring deployed services and right-sizing workloads in their VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC. By using VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations no longer need to spend time on taking care of the physical or logical infrastructure of their data centers. Instead, organizations can focus on improving their workloads and making them more energy efficient.

VMware Cloud on AWS enables organizations to accelerate not just their cloud migration and adoption, but also their contribution to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction in their operations.