Automation and continuous monitoring through all phases of app development are at the heart of DevOps and agile methods. A CI/CD pipeline is one of the most important assets for building, testing, and deploying modern applications. Continuous integration and continuous delivery forge a connection between a developer committing code and the delivery of new functionality to applications in production. Between the endpoints in a CI/CD pipeline, the code is built, verified with multiple tests, checked against audit and security controls, prepared for deployment, and, in some cases, automatically deployed to production.

Reliability and repeatability are key aspects of CI/CD that require automation.

We recommend to:

  • Question every manual task when possible; Implementing automation from the start is easier than performing major revamps to clear technical debts across multiple components of a distributed system.

  • Formulate an automation strategy that best suits the teams and the technology stack.

  • Automate low-effort, high-value tasks first.