Organizations that make the shift to assuming that a breach will happen are the organizations that tend to be the most prepared if it happens. Making this assumption is an important change of mindset an organization needs, to combat ransomware and other types of attacks. Ensure that attacks are covered in your organization’s disaster recovery & business continuity planning. Plan for an “everything down” scenario.

Ideas to consider:

  • Does your organization have its own security response team, or has your organization proactively engaged a security consultancy that specializes in incident response? Incident response is a separate function from business continuity planning, but crucial for understanding how an attack happened and how to recover in a way that preserves evidence and prevents the reoccurrence of an attack. Does your incident response team have a plan for response?

  • Ensure that contact information and roles & responsibilities documents are stored in a place that will be accessible if IT systems are offline. Many organizations, with otherwise terrific business continuity plans, have found themselves hampered because their plans were stored on systems that were inaccessible because of the outage.