Performance and Capacity are tightly linked as they both ensure your workloads get the necessary resources to perform optimally.

Consider the following topics for adopting a successful strategy:

  • Identify key stakeholders and confirm the scope and metrics for capacity and performance (Compute, Storage, Network). This will allow you to then effectively monitor the utilization of your workloads and identify thresholds for scale-out expansion.
  • Regularly collect performance data and periodically review the metrics. By identifying cyclical patterns, you can recommend cloud infrastructure scaling ahead of demand. This would not just lead to effective operations of your workloads but also to potential cost optimization as you build synergy between your workload elasticity and VMware Cloud purchasing strategy.
  • Identify key tools/technologies that will be used to monitor and manage performance and capacity. Make sure that these tools are capable of operating with the permission set provided within the VMware Cloud deployment.
  • Whenever possible, establish baseline performance before, during and after migration to VMware Cloud. This helps to isolate any performance issues that might arise post-migration.
  • Establish roles and responsibilities for VMware Cloud Performance management ahead of any planned migrations.