Licensing is an important consideration when transitioning to a VMware Cloud-based environment and can be divided into the following categories: VMware infrastructure and Management software, Guest Operating System (OS), and application licensing.

VMware vSphere (vCenter Server and ESXi), vSAN, NSX, and VMware HCX is included in all based VMware Cloud Infrastructure Service offerings. However, licensing levels, versions, and capabilities may vary depending on the VMware Cloud infrastructure service providers. Organizations with existing VMware infrastructure software licenses can be exchanged for entitlements to VMware Cloud Infrastructure Services. This exchange program is available for VMware Cloud Infrastructure Services that support the VMware Cloud Universal program .

VMware’s vRealize Suite of products such as vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Intelligence and VMware Skyline are also available as VMware Cloud Services. Organizations with existing vRealize Suite licenses can similarly be exchanged for vRealize Cloud services using the VMware vRealize Universal program .

For guest OS and application licensing, the following options may be available: bring your own licenses (BYOL) or a service provider’s and independent software vendor’s (ISV) licensing program. For BYOL, verify the terms of the license agreement for applicability in a VMware Cloud based environment. For additional assistance, please contact your VMware sales representative for more information.