You can use a VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud layer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN) to extend your on-premises network to one or more VLAN-based networks in your SDDC. This extended network is a single subnet with a single broadcast domain. You can use it to migrate VMs to and from your cloud SDDC without having to change their IP addresses.

In addition to data center migration, you can use an extended L2VPN network for disaster recovery, or for dynamic access to cloud computing resources as needed (often referred to as "cloud bursting).

An L2VPN can extend up to 100 of your on-premises networks. VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud uses NSX-T to provide the L2VPN server in your cloud SDDC. L2VPN client functions can be provided by a standalone NSX Edge that you download and deploy into your on-premises data center.

The VMware Cloud on AWS L2VPN feature supports extending VLAN networks. The L2VPN connection to the NSX-T server uses an IPsec tunnel. The L2VPN extended network is used to extend Virtual Machine networks and carries only workload traffic. It is independent of the VMkernel networks used for migration traffic (ESXi management or vMotion), which use either a separate IPsec VPN or a Direct Connect connection.


You cannot bring up an L2VPN tunnel until you have configured the L2VPN client and server and created an extended network that specifies the tunnel ID you assigned to the client.