The Connected Amazon VPC contains your SDDC and all its networks. Information about this VPC, including the active ENI, VPC subnet,and VPC ID, is available on the Networking & Security tab.

Click Connected VPC in the System category on the Networking & Security tab to open the Connected Amazon VPC page, which provides the following information:
AWS Account ID
The AWS account ID you specified when you created your SDDC.
The AWS ID of this VPC.
VPC Subnet
The AWS ID of the VPC subnet you specified when you created your SDDC.
Active Network Interface
The identifier for the ENI used by VMC in this VPC.
IAM Role Names
AWS Identity and Access Management role names defined in this VPC. See AWS Roles and Permissions in the VMware Cloud on AWS Operations Guide.
Cloud Formation Stack Names
The name of the AWS Cloud Formation stack used to create your SDDC
Service Access
A list of AWS services enabled in this VPC.