VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud maintains an inventory of workload virtual machines in your SDDC. VMs are listed by name and number of tags.

The Virtual Machines inventory is generated automatically. You can edit the tags assigned to a VM in this list, but you cannot add or remove VMs. The system does that automatically as VMs are created and destroyed.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud at https://www.vmc-us-gov.vmware.com/.
  2. On the Networking & Security tab, click Inventory > Virtual Machines.
    If a virtual machine has any tags, the number of tags is shown in the Tags column. Click the number to view the tags. To add or remove VM tags, click the vertical ellipsis at the beginning of the VM row and select Edit to display the tag editor. Click the icon to add more tags.

    See Add Tags to an Object in the NSX-T Data Center Administration Guide for more information about tagging NSX-T objects.