A DHCP profile specifies a DHCP server type and configuration. You can use the default profile or create others as needed.

A DHCP profile can be used by multiple segments and gateways in your network. You can create DHCP server profiles and DHCP relay profiles. See Add a DHCP Profile in the NSX-T Data Center Administration Guide.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud at https://www.vmc-us-gov.vmware.com/.
  2. Select Networking & Security > DHCP.
  3. Click ADD DHCP PROFILE and give the profile a Name.
    Choose a Profile Type and provide the required configuration parameters.
    • For a DHCP Server, specify an IPv4 Server IP Address and optionally change the Lease Time.
    • For a DHCP Relay, specify the Server IP Address as the address of your on-premises DHCP server. Be sure that your on-premises firewall allows DHCP traffic (ports 67 and 68) to reach this address. Lease time is controlled by the on-premises server configuration.
    Either type of DHCP profile can be tagged.
  4. Click SAVE to create the profile.
    The new profile is available for use when you specify the DHCP configuration of a routed segment. See Create or Modify a Network Segment. The Where Used column lists segments that specify this profile.