DHCP configuration is a per-segment property. In the default configuration the Compute Gateway DHCP server handles DHCP requests from VMs on all routed segments. To use another DHCP server for your workload networks, you can configure the segment to use DHCP relay. You can also configure the segment to use its own local DHCP Server.

Per-segment DHCP configuration is part of the segment create/update workflow document in Create or Modify a Network Segment. For more information, see DHCP in the NSX Administration Guide.


  1. Log in to VMware Cloud Services at https://vmc.vmware.com.
  2. Click Inventory > SDDCs, then pick an SDDC card and click VIEW DETAILS.
  3. Click OPEN NSX MANAGER and log in with the NSX Manager Admin User Account shown on the SDDC Settings page. See SDDC Network Administration with NSX Manager.
    You can also use the VMware Cloud Console Networking & Security tab for this workflow.
  4. Open the Segments page.
    Choose a DHCP Type and specify configuration details. See Configure Segment DHCP Server on a Segment in the NSX Administration Guide.

    DHCP requests from VMs in a segment use the segment's gateway address as the source IP. To allow this traffic through the CGW firewall, create a rule that allows packets with this source address to reach the remote DHCP server. Including the segment object as a group member does not include the gateway IP in the group. You must add it to the group as an IP address. See VMware Knowledge Base article 79595 for related information.