Deleting an SDDC terminates all running workloads and destroys all SDDC data and configuration settings including public IP addresses. Deletion of an SDDC cannot be undone.

When you delete an SDDC, all ENIs created for it in the connected VPC are deleted and their IP addresses released. Routes added to the main route table remain, but in most cases will have a status of “Blackhole” because they point to a deleted ENI.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Console at
  2. On the card for the SDDC you want to remove, click Actions > Delete SDDC
  3. Confirm that you understand the consequences of deleting an SDDC.
    Select all of the following:
    • All workloads in this SDDC will be terminated.
    • You will lose all data and configuration settings in this SDDC.
    • You will lose all UI and API access to this SDDC.
    • All public IP addresses for this SDDC will be released.
    • All direct connect virtual interfaces will be deleted.
    or click CANCEL to cancel the process without affecting the SDDC.
  4. Click DELETE SDDC.