You can remove any cluster in an SDDC except for the initial cluster, Cluster-1.

When you delete a cluster, all workload VMs in the cluster are immediately terminated and all data and configuration information is deleted. You lose API and UI access to the cluster. Public IP addresses associated with VMs in the cluster are released.


  • Migrate any workload VMs that you want to keep to another cluster in the SDDC.
  • Make a copy of any data that you want to retain.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Console at
  2. On the card for your SDDC, click View Details.
  3. On the card for the cluster you want to remove, click Delete Cluster.
    Before you can delete the cluster, you must select all of the check boxes to confirm that you understand the consequences of this action. When all the check boxes are selected, the Delete Cluster button is enabled. Click it to delete the cluster.