This checklist describes end to end the requirements and configurations needed for cold migration between your on-premises data center and your cloud SDDC.



On-premises vSphere version

vSphere 6.5 patch d and later

vSphere 6.0 update 3 and later

On-premises virtual switch configuration

Standard switches, vSphere Distributed Switch 6.0, or vSphere Distributed Switch 6.5


Configure an IPsec VPN for the management gateway. See "Configuring VPNs and Gateways" in Getting Started With VMware Cloud on AWS.

Hybrid Linked Mode

Hybrid Linked Mode is required to initiate migration from the vSphere Client. It is not required to initiate migration using the API or PowerCLI.

See "Hybrid Linked Mode" in Managing the VMware Cloud on AWS Data Center.

VMware Cloud on AWS and on-premises firewall rules

Ensure that you have created the necessary firewall rules as described in Required Firewall Rules for Cold Migration.

On-premises DNS configuration

Ensure that your on-premises DNS server can correctly resolve the address for the cloud vCenter Server.