Elastic DRS allows you to set policies to automatically scale your cloud SDDC by adding or removing hosts in response to demand.

To enable Elastic DRS, you apply a policy to a cluster in your SDDC. The policy has the following elements:
  • Turn on or turn off Elastic DRS for the cluster.
  • Specify the minimum and maximum number of hosts for the cluster.
  • Specify whether the policy applied should optimize for cost or performance in applying recommendations.

Elastic DRS uses an algorithm to monitor the current demand on your SDDC and make recommendations to either scale-in or scale-out the cluster. A decision engine responds to a scale-out recommendation by provisioning a new host into the cluster. It responds to a scale-in recommendation by removing the least-utilized host from the cluster.

Elastic DRS is not supported for the following types of SDDCS:
  • SDDCs deployed with multiple availabililty zone stretched clusters.
  • Single host starter SDDCs

When the Elastic DRS algorithm initiates a scale-out, all Organization users receive a notification in the VMC Console and through email.