VMware Cloud on AWS is available in many AWS regions. Some AWS regions do not support all VMware Cloud on AWS features.

AWS regions are named geographic locations where Amazon has sited their data centers. Every region includes multiple availability zones (AZs), each of which constitutes a separate fault domain. Failures in one availability zone do not affect the other AZs in its region. Events such as natural disasters and power grid failures do not typically affect more than one AWS region. Configuring your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to use stretched clusters (in multiple AZs) provides additional fault tolerance for SDDC operations. Configuring your VMware Cloud on AWS organization to have SDDCs in multiple regions can improve your organization's ability to tolerate large-scale events that can compromise an entire region. See the VMware Tech Zone article VMware Cloud on AWS: Stretched Clusters for more information about AWS regions and AZs, and how to configure and use VMware Cloud on AWS stretched clusters.

See AWS Region and Availability Zone Support for a list of AWS regions and AZs that support VMware Cloud on AWS.