You can add clusters to a cloud SDDC up to the maximum configured for your account.

Additional clusters are created in the same availability zone as the initial SDDC.

Currently adding a cluster to an SDDC deployed in multiple availability zones is not supported.

Logical networks you have created for your SDDC are automatically shared across all clusters. Compute and storage resources are configured similarly for all clusters. For example:

  • Each cluster contains a Compute-ResourcePool and a Mgmt-ResourcePool, with the same permissions that these have in the initial SDDC cluster.

  • Each cluster contains a vsanDatastore and a workloadDatastore, with the same permissions that these have in the initial SDDC cluster.


  1. Log in to the VMC Console at
  2. On the card for the SDDC you want to add a cluster to, select Actions > Add Cluster.
  3. Specify the number of CPU cores to enable for each host in the cluster.

    All CPU cores are enabled by default on each host in the cluster. If you'd like to disable some of the cores to save on licensing costs for applications that are licensed on a per-core basis, you can enable a subset of the available cores. This subset applies to all hosts in the cluster. Other cores on each host are disabled and remain disabled for the lifetime of the host.


    Reducing core count affects the compute performance of all workloads on the host and increases the likelihood of system performance degradation. For example, vCenter and vSAN overhead can become more noticeable, and operations like adding clusters and hosts can take longer to complete.

  4. Select the number of hosts in the cluster.
  5. click Add Cluster.


A progress bar shows the progress of cluster creation.