Starting with SDDC version 22, you can rename existing clusters.


  • You cannot rename a cluster while SDDC maintenance (including upgrade, backup/restore, and cluster conversion) is in progress.
  • You cannot rename a cluster in an SDDC that supports VMware Horizon VDI installations.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Console at
  2. On the Inventory tab, click on the SDDC that contains the cluster you want to rename.
  3. From the cluster card in the SDDC Summary, select Actions > Rename Cluster to open the Rename Cluster card.
  4. Type the new cluster name, the click RENAME.

    The new cluster name must be unique in the SDDC and have no more than 50 characters chosen from the set listed on the Rename Cluster card. Resource pools for the primary (predefined) clusters are not renamed. Resource pools for other clusters are automatically renamed as Mgmt-ResourcePool-New-ClusterName and Compute-ResourcePool-New-ClusterName.

    As part of cluster rename workflow, system resource pools are renamed to align with the new cluster name. Customer resource pool names are not renamed as part of this workflow.