To access the Remote Console from vRealize Automation, you must add the host management IP address of the ESXi hosts to the /etc/hosts file in the vRealize Automation appliance.


  1. For each ESXi host in your SDDC, determine the IP address of the host management network.
    1. Log in to the vSphere Client for your SDDC.
    2. In the Hosts and Clusters inventory list, select the host.
    3. Click the Configure tab.
    4. Under Networking, click VMkernel Adapters.
    5. Note the FQDN for the host and the IP address for the vmk0 device.

    Screenshot of the VMkernel Adapters settings, showing the ESXi host name and host management interface highlighted

  2. Connect to the vRealize Automation appliance using ssh.
  3. Edit the /etc/hosts file and add a line for each host as shown.
    host-management-ip esxi-host-name