Many customers choose to purchase Subscription Purchase Program (SPP) credits, which can be redeemed against VMware Cloud on AWS in either an On-demand or Subscription consumption model. The Subscription model is similar to an AWS Regional Reserved Instance.

It is your responsibility to be aware of your SPP fund balance and manage users who should have access to it. Only a Fund Owner can add additional Fund Users. Fund Owners and Fund Users can direct VMware Cloud on AWS to use the SPP fund as a payment method.


  • View your SPP fund balance on Customer Connect:
    If you don't see an SPP fund listed under Accounts > Hybrid & Subscription Purchasing Programs (HPP/SPP), then you should contact your Cloud Sales Specialist or Customer Success Manager.
  • For more information on adding or removing fund users, see
  • To change a Fund Owner, do one of the following.
    • Select Support > Product Licensing.
    • Select Account > VMware Cloud Services - User Management.
    • Speak to your Customer Success Manager.