You can connect vRealize Automation to your cloud SDDC and create blueprints allowing users to deploy VMs.



  1. In vRealize Automation, select Infrastucture > Endpoints.
  2. Select New > Virtual > vSphere (vCenter).
  3. Specify the vCenter Server URL in the format https://fqdn/sdk.
  4. Specify the cloud admin credentials.
  5. (Optional) If you are using vRealize Automation 7.3, click Test Connection and Accept Certificate.
  6. Create a Fabric Group.
    1. Add the cloud admin as the fabric administrator.
    2. Add the default SDDC cluster Cluster-1 to the Compute Resources.

    For more information on creating a Fabric Group, see Create a Fabric Group.

  7. Create reservations for the components that the cloud admin has access to.



    Resource Pool




    VM & Template Folder



    Use the logical network that you created as part of the prerequisites

  8. Create a Network Profile for the logical network you created as part of the prerequisites.

    For more information on creating a network profile, see Create a Network Profile.

  9. Create a Blueprint.

    For more information on Blueprints, see Providing Service Blueprints to Users.

What to do next

If you plan to access the Remote Console from vRealize Automation, follow the steps in