Single Host SDDC starter configurations have a limited lifespan before they expire. To keep your workloads and data beyond the expiration date, scale up your SDDC to a full production SDDC.

Scaling up a Single Host SDDC is not reversible. After you scale up to an SDDC with three or more hosts, you will not be able to remove hosts from the SDDC.

Note: You cannot scale up a Single Host SDDC to a two-host SDDC. You must scale up to a minimum of three hosts.

The card for a Single Host SDDC displays a banner showing the number of days left before expiration.


  1. On the SDDC banner, click Scale Up.
  2. Review the settings for the scaled up SDDC and click Scale Up Now.


Your Single Host SDDC starter configuration is scaled up to a full production SDDC that no longer has an expiration date.