Hybrid Linked Mode allows you to link your VMware Cloud™ on AWS vCenter Server instance with an on-premises vCenter Server instance.

Using Hybrid Linked Mode, you can:

  • Log in to the vCenter Server instance in your SDDC using your on-premises credentials.

  • View and manage the inventories of both your on-premises and VMware Cloud™ on AWS data centers from a single vSphere Client interface.

  • Cold migrate workloads between your on-premises data center and cloud SDDC.

Requirements and Limitations for Hybrid Linked Mode

Currently, the following requirements and limitations apply for Hybrid Linked Mode.

  • You can link a cloud SDDC to an on-premises data center running vSphere 6.5 patch d and later.

  • You can link a cloud SDDC to only one on-premises data center.

  • Only an embedded Platform Services Controller configuration is supported for the on-premises data center.