You can create a VM and use an ISO image in a Content Library to install the operating system.


Have a Content Library containing the ISO image you want to use.


  1. From the vSphere Client VMs and Templates view, right click the Workloads folder and select New virtual machine.
  2. Select Create a new virtual machine and click Next.
  3. Proceed through the New Virtual Machine wizard, using the following settings.
    1. For the VM folder, select Workloads, Templates, or another folder that you have write permissions on.
    2. For the compute resource, select Compute-ResourcePool.
    3. For the datastore, select workloadDatastore.
  4. On the Customize Hardware page, connect the ISO image to the VM.
    1. Next to New CD/DVD Drive, select Content Library ISO file.
    2. Select the ISO image and click OK.
    3. Select Connect at Power On and click Next.
  5. Review the VM settings and click Finish.
  6. Power on the VM and complete the guest operating system installation.