Click the OPEN VCENTER button to open the vSphere Client and log in to vCenter Server.

By default, the SDDC Management Gateway blocks traffic to all management network destinations, including vCenter Server, from all sources. You must add management gateway firewall rules that allow only secure traffic from trusted sources. You can use any of these connection types to connect to the SDDC vCenter Server:

In addition to the OPEN VCENTER button, the Settings tab for your SDDC provides connection and authentication details for connecting to vCenter Server with the API Explorer and PowerCLI.


  1. If you have created a VPN, click the OPEN VCENTER button on the SDDC card, then click VPN.
  2. If you haven’t yet created a VPN and want to connect to vCenter Server over the public Internet, click OPEN VCENTER button on the SDDC card., then click FIREWALL RULE.
    See Add or Modify Management Gateway Firewall Rules for details on how to create a firewall rule that allows secure access the SDDC vCenter Server.
  3. (Optional) Open the Settings tab and select another method for connecting to vCenter Server.
    Option Description
    Connect using the vSphere Client Click the link under vSphere Client (HTML5). This connection method is identical to the OPEN VCENTER button.
    Connect to the API Explorer Click the link under vCenter Server API Explorer. .
    Connect using PowerCLI The cmdlet for connecting is shown under PowerCLI Connect. Click the copy to clipboard icon to copy the cmdlet to the clipboard.
    Default credentials for all connection methods are displayed under Authentication. Click the copy to clipboard icon to copy a user name or password to the clipboard.