Start by requesting access to a Single Host Starter Configuration SDDC. When your access is approved, activate and create your account.


  1. Go to, fill in the required information, and click Request.

    The email address you supply here must be a corporate email account. You cannot use an email address from a public email provider such as,, or others. For more information on how to update your Customer Connect profile, see

    If capacity is not currently available, you receive an email indicating that you are on the waiting list. This message includes links to resources that you can use to plan your deployment.

    When capacity is available, you receive an email notifying you that you can activate your subscription.

  2. Create your organization owner account.
  3. Name your organization and agree to the Terms of Service.
  4. Enter credit card information for your default method of payment.
  5. Click Add Card.

What to do next

Ensure that you have met the prerequisites and then follow the steps in Deploying and Managing a Software-Defined Data Center. Select 1 as the number of hosts in the SDDC.