VMware Cloud on AWS allows you to deploy a starter configuration containing a single host.

The Single Host SDDC starter configuration allows you to kickstart your VMware Cloud on AWS hybrid cloud experience with a 60-day time-bound single host configuration. You can purchase this configuration on an hourly on-demand basis using a credit card or VMware credit funds. Subscriptions cannot be used to cover the cost of a Single Host SDDC starter configuration.

The Single Host SDDC starter configuration is limited to a 60-day lifespan. You can scale up to the minimum 2-host purchase at any point before the 60-day period ends without losing any of your data. If you don't scale up the Single Host SDDC before the end of the service life, the SDDC is deleted along with all the workloads and data it contains.

The Single Host SDDC starter configuration is appropriate for test and development or proof of concept use cases. Do not run production workloads on a single host SDDC. You can start to prove the value of VMware Cloud on AWS with the single host capabilities including:

  • Accelerated on-boarding with expert support.
  • Migration between on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS using VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension for large-scale rapid migration, VMware vMotion for live migration, and cold migration.
  • Disaster Recovery: Evaluate VMware Site Recovery, the cloud-based DR service optimized for VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Site Recovery is purchased separately as an add-on service on a per-VM basis. Do not use the single host configuration for production disaster recovery, because this configuration has no SLA and data is lost in the event of a host failure.
  • Hybrid Linked Mode support: Hybrid Linked Mode provides a single logical view of on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS resources.
  • All-Flash vSAN storage: An all-flash vSAN configuration, using flash for both caching and capacity, delivers maximum storage performance.
  • Seamless, high-bandwidth, low-latency access to native AWS services such as EC2 and S3.

Single Host SDDCs have the following limitations.

  • Features or operations that require more than 1 host running in VMware Cloud on AWS won't work with the Single Host SDDC. These include, but are not limited to, High Availability (HA), multiple clusters, stretched clusters across multiple availability zones, migration with vMotion between VMware Cloud on AWS environments, and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).
  • The Single Host SDDC has no SLA.
  • If the single host fails, the data in your SDDC will be lost.
  • Single Host SDDCs are not upgraded or patched.
  • You can only provision one Single Host SDDC at a time.
  • Single Host SDDCs are charged on an on-demand basis only. Subscriptions cannot be used to pay for a Single Host SDDC.
  • A Single Host SDDC cannot use the i3en host type.