If you do not already have a valid My VMware account, you can create one as part of the sign-up process.


  1. Click the activation link in your invitation email.

    You are taken to the sign up page.

  2. Click Create an Account.
  3. Fill in the required information and select the terms of service check boxes.

    Registration fails if:

    • You don't provide a valid address.

    • You don't enter the full name of your state. For example, if you enter CA instead of California, registration fails.

  4. Click Sign Up.

    You receive an activation email within the next 10 minutes.

  5. Open the email and click the activation link.

    The link is unique and can be used only once.

  6. On the Welcome page, enter and confirm a password, and click Save.

    You are directed to a login page where you can sign in with your credentials.

  7. Log in with your My VMware credentials.
  8. If you are not automatically redirected to the VMC Console, go to https://vmc.vmware.com and log in.