After you have linked an identity source and added a group with Cloud Administrator permissions, you can link an on-premises vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO) domain to complete the configuration of Hybrid Linked Mode.


If you haven't already, add a Cloud Administrator user group: Add a Cloud Administrator Group


  1. If you haven't already, log in to the vSphere Client for your SDDC and browse to the Linked Domains page.
    1. Select Menu > Administration to display the Administration page.
    2. Under Hybrid Cloud, select Linked Domains.
  2. Under Link to On-Prem Domain, click Link.
  3. Configure the on-premises domain settings.



    Platform Service Controller

    The FQDN or IP Address of the Platform Services Controller

    HTTPS Port

    The HTTPS port used by the Platform Services Controller. By default, this is 443.

    SSO Domain Name

    The SSO domain name.

    SSO User Name

    The SSO user name.

    SSO Password

    The password for the SSO user.

  4. Click Link.

    Linking might take a few minutes to complete. During the linking process, lookup services, tags and categories, the trust-signing certificate, and on-premises trusted root chain are synchronized from the on-premises domain to the cloud SDDC. When the linking process is complete, a dialog box is displayed that prompts you to log out.

  5. Click OK to log out.

    In order to see the inventory of your on-premises vCenter Server together with that of your SDDC, you must log out and log back in as an on-premises user with Cloud Administrator permissions.